Lasp VNode?

Posted in General by Christopher JImison Mon Feb 12 2018 22:14:10 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)·3·Viewed 1,178 times

Hi all, I just bumped into Lasp and it looks amazing. We currently use riak_core in our project and one thing I didn't quite follow was if lasp can handle chashed primary nodes and handoffs like how the riak_core VNodes works. Are there any additional docs or some source files in particular I should be looking at? Thanks!
Feb 13, 2018

Lasp is fully replicated, which is different from how Riak Core works. In Lasp, every node has every piece of data, so you can contact any node to get the data you want. Riak Core is not fully replicated, but partitioned, so, there's only N replicas at any one time -- and with sloppy quorums, you might not know where the N values are located (this is not true when using primary or strict quorums.)

Feb 13, 2018

Hi Christopher,
I see, and thank you for the clarification. That definitely makes the lasp code I was reading come into focus a lot more.

Feb 13, 2018

Sounds good, please reopen this issue if you have further questions.

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