Partisan provides several backends for peer service operations.

Partisan provides several pluggable backends:

  • partisan_default_peer_service_manager: full membership, where all nodes maintain active connections to all other nodes in the system.
  • partisan_client_server_peer_service_manager: star topology, where clients communicate with servers, and servers communicate with other servers
  • partisan_hyparview_peer_service_manager: modified implementation of the HyParView protocol, peer-to-peer, designed for high scale, high churn environments
  • partisan_static_peer_service_manager: static membership, where connections are explicitly made between nodes

To change the peer service manager, simply use the API provided by Partisan. Once changed, the application will have to be restarted for the change to take effect.

> partisan_config:set(partisan_peer_service_manager, partisan_default_peer_service_manager).